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Company Directors Reports

Important: Read this for Effect of the Companies Act 2006
Directors Reports - checkSURE best value for UK Company Directors information

If you do not know how many directorships your target individual has complete the checkSURE directors’ search. This will tell you how many companies we have on our database where your target is a director.

If you know A) the name of the company of which your target individual is a director; and B) that your target director has ONLY this one directorship, then your best value report is a checkSURE UK Company Report on that company.

however, if your target individual has more than one directorship you are best advised to buy a checkSURE Directors Report. Details on these two types of reports are found below.


Directors Report Sample - imageCompany Report Sample - image

Company Directors Reports – What’s the Right Approach for You?

Information on company directors is in some cases as important as reviewing company financials in assessing how great a credit risk a prospect company is for business. Before buying a UK directors report from any online source however, you should be aware of the limitations of this information. To start with the information underpinning UK company directors reports are governed by UK Data Protection legislation. This means that the information available is limited to that filed at Companies House which relates to the individual’s position as a director of a private or public company.

A director’s personal credit rating is not included in the company director’s report as this is illegal. So, any credit agency purporting to use this type of information in company directors’ reports is on shaky ground. As a general rule of thumb, online directors reports should definitely cost less than £30 unless there is some sort of bespoke private investigation involved. However, all checkSURE directors’ reports include credit rating(s) on the target directors’ companies.

Director Reports

Information on a target director in checkSURE UK Directors reports include the following on:

Personal Information on the Director:
Name, Occupation, Address, Nationality, Date of Birth,

Directorships Held detailed in three categories (if applicable):
Live Companies, Dissolved Companies and Resigned Directorships

Company Details for Live and Dissolved Companies (if Applicable):
Reg. Number, Company Name, Risk Score, Trading Address, Reg Address, Telephone, Credit Guide, names of Other Directors

Adverse Information (if Any)

  • Liquidators,
  • Liquidation Type,
  • Appointed By Information,
  • Gazette Item Date,
  • Liquidator Appointment Date.
  • Incomplete Liquidator Information Indicator
  • Number Of Liquidators Captured
  • Nature Of Business
  • Liquidator Name, Address
  • Resolution Date
  • Trade Name

Company Reports

Company Directors information is included within checkSURE's Full Company Reports which are available for over 4 million UK Limited companies, online, 24 hours a day all at only £9.95 plus VAT. Information on ALL the directors of the target company included in these UK company reports includes the following on EACH director:

  • Director’s name and full title
  • Full postal address
  • Country of Origin
  • Current occupation
  • Date of birth
  • Date of appointment
  • Other directorships

An example of this report can be seen by clicking the Live Sample link and viewing a report on British Airways.

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